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First in Field!

In a world first, Superinteractiv's Dynamic Girth Strap provides a simple practical means for monitoring your horses respiratory behaviour and judging work effort DURING and after exercise.

Racehorses and Event horses require training at high speeds, galloping and all-out sprint work. This exercise causes adaptations in their energy system and their respiratory behaviour reflects their condition.

In a recent field test, Superinteractive’s Dynamic Girth Strap (DGS) monitored Girth of two thoroughbred race horses during galloping exercises on a treadmill. The DGS captured the respiration pattern during Galloping Training and Recovery providing new insights into horse condition monitoring.

During rest, this important new girth monitor can act as a useful alert monitor as if your horse shows higher than normal resting respiratory rate this may be an early alert for various issues (pain, excitement, stress, fever, or infection).

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