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ACTION! Sports Cam

Explosive Starts

TNT! Explosiveness is an incredibly important part of sports performance. Athletes train hard to develop explosiveness though often struggle to easily get fast frank feedback.

Superinteractiv's work with elite Sports Scientists has led us to bring you Sports Cam an iOS app to help all athletes and coaches achieve their explosive best and 'put sports science in your pocket'

Consistent setup, Run-to-Run and Session-to-Session, is crucial and we do this using a guide overlay which acts as both performance target and key to set up.

Auto-triggering camera action from a start or movement event enables you to take pictures and video at set times and compare performance from Run-to-Run.

Sports Cam is ready to Connect with Superinteractiv's Stomp and Pool Pad hardware so you can focus on your performance.

Fast Action requires a short exposure time and we recommend a Duration of less than 1/200. Outdoors the lighting is often fine during daytime. At night and indoors may require special lighting.


*Background image shown here is to explain concept only Copyright dotshock/ 123RF Stock Photo

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