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Swim Like Dolphins

Pool Pad and AUSDolhpins relay training for RIO2016

What makes a Champion Swimmer?

Love and Dedication to the Sport, Determination to Face Off Challenges, and Fast Frank Feedback.

What's the role for Mobile Interactive Technology?

Facilitating fast frank feedback in the daily training environment to keep you on track to achieve your best.

Knowing your goals, understanding how you are performing right now, and responding to feedback from your coach and support team are really important to keep improving. Mobile Interactive Technology like Superinteractive's Pool Pad system provide accurate measures of performance in your daily training environment that are consistent across sessions and locations and enable you to know instantly what your metrics are, e.g. relay changeover time, how long you interacted with the wall (touching, tumbling, and kicking off), and help you keep a record of all this and your lap count and splits every day. Comparing performances from one day to another is helpful to understand how quickly you are improving.

In a team session, your performance can be visible to the whole team so everyone can see where you are at. Simple large indicators and numbers are visible poolside and in the pool and encourages engagement with the training drill. if you aren't engaged with the task you are unlikely to get the benefit. Interactive technologies that provide feedback during the drill often encourage very high levels of task engagement.

Because everyone is always on the go, the Pool Pad technology is mobile and easy to use. It's quick to set up, reliable, and provides a meaningful source of feedback everyday. Compatible with elite systems, combinations of elite systems and portable sensors, and with an all portable sensor set up, the system is suitable for use at podium centers and your local swimming pool.


"I swim because i love it, I won an Olympic Gold Medal because I love swimming" Mack Horton. To achieve at the highest levels Mack said he needed "Frank Feedback" throughout his training.

Australian Dolphin's training with Pool Pad at Auburn University USA in lead to Rio Olympics 2016

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