Get Stomping with our super low profile PRO X1 Starter and add big beats to your sound. Best for those who stomp with one foot



1x Black Stomp Pad PRO Sticks

1x Dual Input Stomp Interface Cable


This pack can be used with music Apps on devices that support external MIDI Instruments. Download our iOS EZ Beat Auto-Stomper App or Free Stomp Pad App from itunes.


Works best on iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod) with lightning port and iOS8 and above when used with Apple's Camera Connection Kit (CCK lightning to USB adaptor). If you dont have a CCK please contact us to ask us about options


Also works with Android, Mac, Windows and Linux systems with music apps that support external MIDI instruments. Latency is dependent on operating system set up. In general Mac, Windows, and iOS offer best performance. Android requires OTG cable


Product Details

Stomp Pad PRO Sticks use an industrial low profile sensor 

Size ~150mm x 20mm x 5mm,

Cord Length ~500mm (3.5mm Male RTS)


Interface Cable:

500mm (3.5mm Female RTS to USB-A)


Care instructions: Avoid crimping any cables as this may cause damage

Cleaning instructions: Wipe with damp cloth


Color: Black
  • We are working on a custom Stomp Pad App for Android as we are yet to identify a satisfactory (low latency) Android App for musical performance. Stomp Pad is useful as a controller (e.g. to control effect switches and loops) on Android.