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First in Field!

In a world first, Superinteractiv's Dynamic Girth Strap provides a simple practical means for monitoring your horses respiratory behaviour and judging work effort DURING and after exercise. Racehorses and Event horses require training at high speeds, galloping and all-out sprint work. This exercise causes adaptations in their energy system and their respiratory behaviour reflects their condition. In a recent field test, Superinteractive’s Dynamic Girth Strap (DGS) monitored Girth of two thoroughbred race horses during galloping exercises on a treadmill. The DGS captured the respiration pattern during Galloping Training and Recovery providing new insights into horse condition monitoring. Dur

ACTION! Sports Cam

TNT! Explosiveness is an incredibly important part of sports performance. Athletes train hard to develop explosiveness though often struggle to easily get fast frank feedback. Superinteractiv's work with elite Sports Scientists has led us to bring you Sports Cam an iOS app to help all athletes and coaches achieve their explosive best and 'put sports science in your pocket' Consistent setup, Run-to-Run and Session-to-Session, is crucial and we do this using a guide overlay which acts as both performance target and key to set up. Auto-triggering camera action from a start or movement event enables you to take pictures and video at set times and compare performance from Run-to-Run. Sports Cam

Easy Beats

Gig Speed! We make amazing foot drums you can play all night. Get our new Stomp EZ Beat app and add new dimensions to your sound in one easy step. Tap on the black pad or hold it and let EZ Beat's Auto- Footdrum keep the beat. It's that easy! EZ Beat's state-of-the-art DJ tech audio engine is optimized for mobile platforms and lets you control your loops with lowest possible latency. Use song loops from your itunes library on your iOS device and adjust tempo on the fly to gig speed. Feel Great. Use Stomp EZ Beat with our STOMP PAD PRO X1 Starter Pack for super comfortable foot control.

Right Time Right Place

Where and When are the key to Winning. Professional athletes develop 'Right Time Right Place' skills in fast high repetition training drills designed for success... so why not you and I? As an engineer with over 10 years experience making tech that helps the worlds best win, and a dad who wants to see his kids learn and grow to be their best, I want to make this happen and share the success with you. So I commit Superinteractiv to connecting elite athlete performance with community sport through technology to accelerate your skill development. How? Superinteractiv are developing affordable easy-to-use technologies so you can train more effectively and enjoy success sooner. Our Pro Trainer i



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