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#1 Sportsgear 

Superinteractiv #1 is a desire to grow & share knowledge to go further, faster, forever. We offer branded products to support our innovation & research activities.

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Buying our products helps fund knowledge and technology to advance human performance.

Dr Richard Helmer, CEO Superinteractiv

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Innovation & Research

We work with world leading athletes, coaches, scientists, and their supporting organisations across many sports: Swimming, Cycling, Football, Boxing, Equine, Athletics and many more, to create new experiences for higher skill and endurance in the natural performance environment. Our inspiring performance solutions link knowledge, sensors, and mobile devices for interactive information systems with a track record of supporting new world records and personal bests.

Be #1 : Access our ready made experiences or collaborate with our team to create new interactions to help you attain higher performance * 

Who benefits from our technologies & research ??

We make our tools simple and effective, robust and reliable, and quick and easy to use anywhere. Superinteractiv's technologies are used by: 

  • Elite & International Sports Professionals seeking World #1 Performance, 

  • University Researchers exploring New Techniques & Developing Knowledge, and,

  • Schools and Community Groups applying elite tools to develop Skills & Knowledge 

*technologies may be loaned, leased, and/or purchased pending your application and needs.

NEWS Highlight

Want to go next level with us?

We will listen, follow up, and do everything we can to help you be #1

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